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Our Houses


On the slopes of Mougelatika, a few short steps from Arkoudaki beach.


Larger summer house, bedrooms often with private pool, direct access to the sea.


Two bedroom cottage, with separate garden areas and lovely pool.


One bedroom house with secluded gardens


One bedroom cottage overlooking large swimming-pool.


2 bedroom house, with lovely garden areas.


Two bedroom house, with lovely sea views, and private pool.


An old, charming one-bedroom house, tiny garden with huge olive tree, inside Lakka village.

Agios Isavros

Delightful old house under the olive trees.


Four bedroom house, in a traditional Paxiot hamlet.

The Experience

unsophisticated refinement

Welcome to Paxos! The seaside is magic, with caves, and an infinity of delightful spots for swimming and snorkelling all around the island. Paxos is incredibly green, entirely covered with cypresses and large olive trees, reaching down to the rocks and stony beaches on the eastern side of the island. Majestic cliffs offer spectacular views on the west coast, with many unforgettable spots ideal for breezy drink picnics in the evenings. Only one of the three discotheques is open nowadays, making the island not ideal for teenagers’ holidays. On the other hand, the friendly family welcome in the local tavernas, wonderful spots for drinks by the water or under the olive trees, or in the lively lanes of the villages, make Paxos an idyllic place for relaxing holidays way in the heart of Mediterranean Nature.

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Paxos Seaside
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Afternoons on Paxos

The Location

a costal paradise

Paxos is a lovely island in the Ionian sea. It sits just south of Corfu, opposite the village of Parga, and Epirus mountains, on the mainland. Paxos is not easy to reach, thankfully, as it is thus protected from mass tourism.

To come, you must, either:

  • Fly to Corfu and then take a taxi boat or ride one of the pleasant ferries from Corfu to Paxos.
  • Take an overnight ferry from Venice, Ancona, Bari or Brindisi, to Igoumenitsa, wait approximately three hours, and ride a second ferry from Igoumenitsa to Paxoi.

Just a few miles south of Paxos, lies the jewel of the Ionian sea, Antipaxos, one of the most beautiful spots of the Mediterranean. It has no villages, but four lovely Tavernas. Taxi-boats run daily between Paxos and Antipaxos northern beaches, although for real discovery you must use a dingy or speedboat. Many are for rent on the island.

Landscape Garden

charm of nature

A particularity of our houses is that three full-time gardeners and one helper take care all year round of the gardens, preparing them for our guests arrivals.

You will find only autochthonous plants, or plants that became traditional in the Ionian islands in the last few centuries: Olives, Cypresses, Myrtle, Lentiscus, Pittosporum, Honeysuckle, all sorts of gardenias, jasmines, Bougainvillea, Clematis, …

The gardens are compartmented into rooms, and separate walled-in areas, to create intertwined feelings inside and outside, and to allow independence to the entertaining of different generations.  These gardens are not meant to be watched or strolled through, but lived and breathed during everyday activities.

Guests can enjoy walking bare-foot along the smooth stone paving of the terraces and patios or relax in a range of comfortable seating in or out of the sun. They can hide away in private terraces close by the house, or spend the afternoon chilled on day beds or hanging hammocks.

In the evenings, they can dine under the stars, protected by interlocking branches and illuminated by dozens of hanging candles, or enjoy each other’s company in the open-air stone-clad dining room.

Paola Soffranio, Manager of Chanousia garden ,(botanical garden at 2170 meters of altitude on the “Petit St Bernard” pass), wrote:

“These gardens’ design was inspired by the “Natural” style of gardening. It depends on autochthone flora, that makes man feel closer to Nature. The idea is that “natural” environments are every day more difficult to come by, and more worthy of preservation. Thus, the Paxos gardens respect pre-existing vegetation and showcase exclusively autochthonous varieties.”

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