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Welcome to Paxos! The seaside is magic, with caves, and an infinity of delightful spots for swimming and snorkelling all around the island. Paxos is incredibly green, entirely covered with cypresses and large olive trees, reaching down to the rocks and stony beaches on the eastern side of the island. Majestic cliffs offer spectacular views on the west coast, with many unforgettable spots ideal for breezy drink picnics in the evenings. Only one of the three discotheques is open nowadays, making the island not ideal for teenagers’ holidays. On the other hand, the friendly family welcome in the local tavernas, wonderful spots for drinks by the water or under the olive trees, or in the lively lanes of the villages, make Paxos an idyllic place for relaxing holidays way in the heart of Mediterranean Nature.

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Paxos Seaside
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Afternoons on Paxos

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